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Sunday,  January 5, 2024, 4:00PM

classical mandolinist,

Carrera Stamile

Carrera Stamile, a 17-year-old high school senior from

Roebuck, South Carolina, started playing the  violin at the

age of 3 and switched to the mandolin at  11.  She's studied

with various teachers,  including  Alon Sariel and Jacob

Reuven (both in Israel) through the magic of online lessons.


Carrera has achieved notable  milestones in her   

musical journey, including two solo concerts in 2021

and 2022, performing with the Piedmont Chamber 

Orchestra, and winning the Foothills Philharmonic Orchestra

Future Stars Concerto Competition in 2023.  She has also had solo honors recitals at the Masterworks Festival, appeared in Lawson Academy Concerts, and won first place at the Charleston International Baroque Music Competition in 2022. Carerra was the recipient of a 2022 Jack Kent Cook Young Artist Award, performed as a featured soloist on NPR's From the Top in April 2023 and collaborated with Dexter Doris in a Treble Duets concert on the air in June 2023.

In addition to her live performances, Carrera has been showcased on From the Top's Daily Joy and Mandolin Mondays with David Benedict. This year, she was selected to participate in the University of Rhode Island Guitar Festival Course in Mandolin Excellence.

Carrera's dream is to become a professional classical mandolinist. She shares her music on her YouTube channel, Mandolin Princess, playing a double-top mandolin by Carlo Mazzaccara from Modena, Italy. This past fall, Carrera was thrilled to perform Domenico Gaudioso's Mandolin Concerto with the Foothills Philharmonic Orchestra, marking another significant step in her musical journey.

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